Why We Do It

     The nature of our work is changing.  More professionals are enjoying the better quality of life and higher job satisfaction that remote jobs offer.  We believe that can mean more than just business meetings in our pajamas.  Why not have a breakfast meeting in a Balinese cafe, discuss strategy over a noodle bowl in Thailand, or kayak in New Zealand during our lunch break? We set out to do all these things (and more) with an exceptional group of people and create an unforgettable experience filled with adventure and inspiration. 

This is not just a work-cation.  Becoming a member of PACK. is an adventure of self-exploration, pushing our boundaries, and finding new ways to be productive.  Each retreat includes several workshops, peer collaboration sessions, reflection and goal-setting activities, and provides endless opportunities for personal and professional growth not available in the traditional corporate setting.  The PACK. experience is a chance to have a real impact on the people you meet and the communities we explore.  A change of scenery will transform your outlook and productivity.  Our PACK. will become your worldwide family.

Let PACK. take your productivity and your experiences to new heights.