30 days.  25 people.  1 unforgettable experience.

What if we could take our remote jobs beyond the home office? 

What if "working from home" meant working in amazing locations, surrounded by inspiring people?

We make it happen.

PACK. is a community of digital nomads, freelancers, location-independent professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs.  Our month-long retreats offer an opportunity to escape the norm.  To live and work in places we've always dreamed of.  To explore, collaborate with exceptional people, and create something meaningful.  Our retreats are a chance to become more deeply connected to yourself and the world, while having all the tools to kick your productivity into high gear.

The idea is simple: take 25 people with remote jobs to a foreign country and handle all the messy details. Guarantee awesome people, locations, and accommodations. Offer workshops, excursions, and events to make sure every person gets the absolute most out of the experience.  It's a journey of pushing boundaries and personal growth. 

Anything is possible, all you have to do is say YES.


Destinations on the horizon...

Bali, Indonesia

November 4, 2017-December 3, 2017


Chiang Mai, Thailand

February 24, 2018-March 25, 2018

Ko Lanta, Thailand

March 31, 2018-April 29, 2018

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Join us and become a member of a global community of explorers, dreamers, and doers.

Welcome to the PACK.

We've got the details covered, just bring your sense of adventure.

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