30 days.  25 people.  1 unforgettable experience.


PACK. is a community of digital nomads, freelancers, location-independent professionals, artists, and entrepreneurs.  Our month-long retreats offer an opportunity to escape the norm.  To live and work in places we've always dreamed of.  To explore, collaborate with exceptional people, and create something meaningful.  Our retreats are a chance to become more deeply connected to yourself and the world, while having all the tools to kick your productivity into high gear.

Welcome to the PACK.

We've got the details covered, just bring your sense of adventure.


Who is this for?


The majority of our participants are young remote professionals. Work is important to us, and we keep that a main focus of each retreat (in between adventures of course). We've had startup founders, designers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers join us and everyone brings something unique to the experience.  It's a journey of pushing boundaries and personal growth.

Our program is a good fit for:

Location-independent professionals looking for a change of pace and scenery

Startup founders, entrepreneurs, and business owners

Freelancers and consultants

Open-minded, curious, and enthusiastic travelers

Anyone going through a personal or professional period of transition  


Why choose us over the bigger, badder companies?

There are a lot of remote work companies out there, and we are familiar with how they work. We like to think we offer a more authentic, immersive, and personalized experience. Our Founder and CEO attends every retreat to make sure everyone has an awesome experience.  Our retreats are focused on professional and personal growth, building community, and giving back to the cities we explore.  No groups of 50 party animals, no participants constantly coming and going, no Bachelor in Paradise-style drama, no crazy prices for shared or sub-par accommodations.   

We support you, connect you with inspiring people, and are here to make this YOUR month.  

 Don't just be a tourist - become more deeply connected to the world.


What Past Participants Say About Us

"There are two types of crowds that you can join: one that challenges you to grow and one that makes you comfortable with where you are.  I couldn't be happier that I chose to join PACK in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  I am now more motivated and inspired than ever."
-Jana Iankova

"What's better than meeting and working with people while traveling? I feel you always meet them at their best. Travel with PACK couldn't have been more perfect for me at this time of my life! I was looking for a way to travel, learn, share knowledge, work, and make new connections on all levels." 

- Mikey Dunworth

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 "Spending a month in Bali with the PACK crew was more than I could have hoped for.  I was able to stay super focused so my business continued to grow, and I saw more of Bali than I could have imagined. PACK takes care of every last detail you could think of so that your experience is convenient and productive."

- Elise Darma

Where will your next adventure take you?


What's it like to join our PACK? Check out our 'One Second A Day' Video!


On Every Retreat You Can Expect...

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Join us and become a member of a global community of explorers, dreamers, and doers.

Want to join us, but need some time to save up the $$?